Nevasca e ventos fortes fazem casas virarem ‘iglus’ em Nova York

(Foto: Reprodução/Facebook John Kucko Digital)


É de “bater os queixos” só de olhar. Após uma nevasca acompanhada de fortes ventos, casas localizadas às margens do Lago Erie, em Nova York, Estados Unidos, ficaram cobertas de gelo, se assemelhando a “iglus” – casas construídas com blocos de neve. O episódio aconteceu na última sexta-feira, 28, e atingiu fortemente as residências localizadas em Hamburg. O “fenômeno” aconteceu após os fortes ventos atingirem o espelho d’água do lago, fazendo com que o gelo se espalhasse e atingisse as casas.

Um homem que mora há 8 anos no local relatou à CNN que precisou quebrar a camada de gelo para poder sair de casa. “Parece fake, parece irreal”, comentou.

(Foto: Reprodução/Facebook John Kucko Digital)

(Foto: Reprodução/Facebook John Kucko Digital)


Making of an “Ice House”

Making of an “Ice House”: Houses along the Great Lakes shoreline can become encased in ice very quickly—becoming “Ice Houses” and social media sensations. The main factors are: 1) heavy/sustained wind blowing toward them. 2) lack of proper protection serving as a buffer 3) air temp has to be below freezing 4) mild stretches of winter where ice along shoreline cannot form, protecting properties from lengthy winter wind events in February and March. The first 30 second clip here goes back three years ago. I stood there rolling footage along the “Ice House” near Rochester. The lake was angry and the house was getting blasted by wave spray. As the spray was hitting me, it was freezing on my jeans almost instantly. The house next door had no icing—look closely as I pan toward the lake, you can see they had sufficient barriers in place. Sustained wind like that, for a full day or more, will layer on the ice by the hour. That’s exactly what happened with all of these. The second clip was a utility shed on the east side of Lake Ontario I captured Friday near Pulaski. It was facing the west wind and took a beating for two straight days. And lastly, the houses south of Buffalo along Lake Erie. Some had better protection from the elements than others (see previous posts on this). I can understand people being skeptical about seeing an ice house and one next to it unaffected and thinking it’s photoshopped, edited or spray foamed. Hopefully this video, at least the first 30 seconds, illustrates how this happens.

Publicado por John Kucko Digital em Domingo, 1 de março de 2020

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